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Return to the Core of your True Self!


Join us for a Pilates & Yoga retreat at a beautiful boutique resort nestled in a lush jungle, approximately 35 mins drive from Ubud in Payangan, Bali.


Together we will dive inward to explore the deepest core of our highest Self.

We'll use the embodiment practices of Yoga and Pilates to facilitate connection to our core Self. 


Dive deep into your inner landscapes through the longer held poses of Yin Yoga. The practice of yin yoga allows yin tissues (ligaments, bones, joints) to soften and open. 

Flow with a simple vinyasa style yoga practice to get your body moving as you open the chakras, and warm up the body's yang tissues (muscles, blood, skin). 


Fire up your deep core through Classical Pilates mat and standing exercises. Strengthen your inner corset or "powerhouse," and ignite your will to literally stand tall and act in alignment with your core values! Pilates is an exercise system for the whole body!


Slow down with a lengthening flow so that your body can unwind and relax. Restorative Yoga with its fully supported and longer held poses, offers the body ease in softening/relaxing, slows the heart rate, calms the central nervous system, and allows for deep healing via the channels of the body's own unique wisdom. 


Return home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 


Come experience gratitude for this precious gift of self-care that enables you to act and serve from a grounded, strong core foundation!

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